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… using a phone, using your feet to steer, trying out your new autopilot invention. All things that the law frown upon and  are classified as dangerous driving! These are nothing compared to the perils that come about from bbc coventry and warwickshire and local radio in general! It is possibly the dullest thing ever and acctually nearly caused me to doze off. The first feature was a man describing the ins and outs of dressing like a victorian which was soon followed by a feature which asked the question what is better a cat or an airoplane (!) This genuinehad an old man giving us a live tour of an airoplane museum over the airwaves (no pun intended). I image he looked a bit like this from the knee down:





 The sport section comprised of live snooker commentary. The jist of this was “he is trying to pot the red… he did it”

If this doesnt send you to sleep and wrap your car around a tree then it will make you want to drive off a bridge. I would like too see the statistics for local radio related road traffic accidents or even fatalities. The world is a safer place without local radio.

Come to think of it this does acctualy bring about the question; Why didn’t I change station?