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Think the website needs a bit of work.

I quote “a professional finish every time” Shame as much effort wasnt put into the website!



A few things that i have picked up in recent weeks involving the interweb.

Firstly, we all are aware of the dangers of the internet, child abuse, pornography, pro annorexia websites, home made bombs, terrorist activity etc etc. But these seem to be nothing compared to this, another valid reason why women and football should just not associate with one another:

www.kickette.com A football blog for women, I advise you dont look does not make for nice reading, I fear I may never recover my faith in humanity after this.

On a better note i have found these two websites that are worthy of commendation. www.lamebook.com we all know someone we want to upload to it.

Also, www.textsfromlastnight.com The texts we wish our friends were articulate enough to send us!