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‘Elite’ Athletes

A humorous compilation of athletes in the OLYMPIC GAMES and WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS… Must have cocked something up somewhere. I hear a rumour Rick Waller is competing for Team GB in 2012 for the heptathlon, not bad for a man with the same fat percentage as a pork scratching!


Another Classic…

…taken from those epic win guys at

SLap A Da BAss Man.

Seriously this is the funniest thing in the world! Prepare to be rushified

OMG! I cant believe I have not posted this already.

I seriously dare you not to laugh… It gets beter every time. I have watched this 1143213 times and i still laugh every time! Moral of the story… Be careful what you wish for!


God the poor lad! funny though! Stolen from fail blog.

Introducing… PEARL HEENAN… A true Hero

Seriously, If you dont laugh you have no soul!!!

One of the prouder moments of my life…

Yet another record broken. Seriously i did clear that building. Video courtesy of Padraig.