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Things I am Liking and Not liking Daily

Todays winners and Losers

Things I ‘Like’ and ‘dislike’ this week.


  • Dad Jokes, the classics are always the best. “I used to work in a paper shop… ’till it blew away!”
  • Student Copy and paste errors, I.E. An assignment including a section in French!
  • Dogs dressed up like super heros(!) see below:









  • Hand Dryers… Whats the point? Has anyone ever dried their hands on these?! They just move the moisture arround.
  • The feeling when you get home and you flick to channel 4 and the simpsons end credits are on… gutted.
  • Forgetting Ch4 has a +1 so you can watch it at 7!

This weeks winners and Losers

Things I ‘Like’ and ‘dislike’ this week.


  • Free stuff – In a shop/bar ordering something and the person forgets you are yet to pay hence a free pint or box of pineapple juice!
  • Chocolate joy – The moment of pure Extacy when eating a kit kat and you think you have finished but look down only to find there is still a finger left in the pack!
  • Mothers day – Well the fact I remembered it. I am amazing!


  • Children – Mainly the ones that scream at each other next door at 7am. stupidshits!
  • Virgin –  Not the innocent untarnished religious pre marital types but anyone who is involved or work for virgin media, you truly are the scum of the earth.
  • Injuries – In relation to david beckham, best bloke in the world, I would sell my soul to be him ( well maybe in the rebecca loos era)

Today’s Winners…

Things I like this week:

-CHRISTMAS!!! Tacky Christmas stuff everywhere! god I love CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

-GET STUFFED taxidermist. What a good name, cant remember where it was now, in the same vein; hair stylist named CURL UP and DYE! LOLING HELL

-RYANAIR they are brilliant! £0:16p to get to Poland and back all-inclusive! Who cares if they want to make you pay for the bog!

This week i am not liking;

-CYCLISTS: ooh look at me Wr eco warrior with my high viz vest and ill fitting lycra shorts thinking im a pro and all road users should bow before me and can’t be assed to stop at red lights, stupid stupid people. Here’s a tip have a few pints and ride your stupid bike home… without a helmet… i dare you!

– WORK I well is gealous of them people who won about a bzilion pounds on the Euro millions.

– LAZY IDLE POSTIES, This should be short lived as they all will be out of work as people decide not to use them because they are too lazy. Lets see you fight the reform when you are out of work!!

Todays winners are…

Things I “like” this month.

– Airoplane food. Strictly NOT the vegetarian! You never know what it is and it always tastes the same but its amazing!!!!

Thai People. I will have a thai bride… one day.

– Fat people wearing crocs! Seriously is it a law if you are morbibly obese to wear crocs? lol @ them!

Things i dont like this week

Tea in a glass/glass mug. Only pop or milk should be served in a glass fluid recepticle!

-Profile pictures that dont include the acctual person!(more than likely ugly)

The district tube line. My god dont get started it just makesme angry.

Todays Winners…

Things I like today…

– Sweet Chili Sauce

-Drunk people dancing in night clubs thinking and pretending they know the words to a song so instead just mouth something that they feel they think is somewhere near! LOLZ!

-Funny looking Thai money

Things I don’t like today:

-Banana ketchup

-Wannabe philosophical quotes such as “Its the imperfections that make us perfect” and the like. A double hate for if they are posted anywhere on a facebook profile!

-Night buses from clapham!

Todays Winners…

Today I like:

-When saying goodbye; standing far enough away from someone you have not long met for the first time whilst their other friends give them a hug goodbye. Meaning you know you only have to wave, smile and mouth “goodbye”, without even the thought of an awkward should I give them a hug or just shake hands or just say bye?!!’ In other words awkward social situation evation tactics!

Jumping on the cricket bandwagon, I have no Idea but now we are winning I am coming out with phrases such as “wow, what a colapse of the middle order.” and ” look how its starting to turn, regardless that was a real captains knock!??!!

-Starbucks Chai Tea Latte!

Not enjoying today:

-People having birthdays when I can’t afford them! Selfish people!

-Girls feeling the need to openly post a message to any friend on facebook stating “My god I f#*king love you missy! Miss you Babe!!xxx” Surely no need, they only live down the road!?!!!

-Swine Flu is starting to get on my tits.

And todays Winners are…

Things I am “liking” today:

-Refering to slightly eccentric people as “fruits”

-Samuel Mulveys facebook status updates

– Volvic Touch of fruit (strawberry)

Things I am not a fan of today:

-That Little Shit Ben kid from Eastenders what a whimpering brat!

-The man fraudulently claiming benefits in order to have operations to make him look like the devil! What a fruit.

-People Blaming michael Jacksons Death on when his hair was on fire 20 years ago?! Get a grip- I set fire to my school tie in science 9 years ago and theres nout wrong with me :/