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In these times of austerity…

With raging frontline public cuts and government funding being slashed causing the now somewhat cliché “economic squeeze” it is good to see the vital necessities are being ring fenced and protected! NO VAT increase on lap dances! Take that establishment!


A selection of moustaches… Just to brighten your day.


Erm, Not sure this would have sold too many!

Bob Monkhouse “Exposes Himself” say no more…

My Lamebook Contender

Even his GF got involved!!

Is incest bad Mr. Google?

I was on goole t’uther day and started typing “is it…” when these sugestions popped up. Check the top one:

I heard that is in the top 96% of all google searches in Herefordshire.

Thumb Man™ Strikes Again!

Here is the original:

Here he is photobombing us last week:


Right, I was on kings road the other day doing some shopping when this I saw this shop!