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Your FREE daily counseling session…

Whenever you feel like you have it bad, maybe you don’t know if it’s worth going on. Just think, it can always be worse. Take a look at these and make yourself feel better!


I 116% want this!

Think the website needs a bit of work.

I quote “a professional finish every time” Shame as much effort wasnt put into the website!

I am a man of simple pleasures…

and this is definitely one!















Whilst we are on the topic check this trailer out:

Easy listening!

I couldn’t think of anything more relaxing on a lovely summers day. “look at mans head!”

No way!!!!!

How have I not noticed this before. This is too good to be an accident!

Traffic Report: tailbacks on the A5 at Hendon…

…due to a mobility scooter hogging the middle lane!!